Today’s Topic is royal Lines….

Since  i   had started   blogging about  my  hits and  misses   in    my  journey  into  my  family as  it  can be  a  challenge  one  of my  main  goals    was to   find  some  kind of  way   to prove a   so call royal   line  in my Adkins  lineages  linking    to  my  5x  great  grandmother  Mary  Adkins, it’s  been  said that  she was  a descendant  to  Mary  Stewart  famously  known  as Mary Queen  of   Scots.   and  i  have gone  through  everything  i  have  documented  on my  father’s  side   linking his parents  to   many  of   well  known   families  in west  Virginia. but  none   so far  has  a royal line  yet   but there are some   kin folk  came from  England  too,  tracing  my mother’s   side  has  proven  to  be quite  interesting  trip  to say in the  least   to  me  what i  uncover in last   few short  weeks  here  was  like   the holy grail of   genealogy   history  it   seems    that my   maternal  grandmother’s  line can  be traced  back  to  the royal line of  the Stewart’s   and the Tudor’s   and one  famous King , Henry  the  8th  now  i  know  in  genealogy  nothing  is certain  several   other  Campbell   descendant’s had help me  in the  past  are now   acting  like  i not   qualified   to  shared   their information  with   and said   what  i    uncover is  not corrected.  before  i  discovered  my  royal line i   uncover   what i   believed   was   information   on john  whitehead  one  of my many   x  great grand father’s   i   spend at  least   2 or 3  hours  finding  it    i    didn’t   get a  thank   you or      good   job  or this  information  may be  useful   instead  i  got  was  what are  your  interest  in this    ancestor  and   what your intentions,   to  me  it was rather  rude   and   judgemental.  i  feel  like  this  ,this  IS my  grandmother’s  family   which  i  am    their  great   granddaughter  or a  great great  niece   or so  forth    why   shouldn’t  i    asked  question s ?   so what   you  had  been   a  genealogist  for x  amount  of years  it doesn’t   give   you the  right   to be rude. i   thought  i   was helping the group  out.      and i guess    they  think  their  information  is correct   not  one   had asked  for my address  if they   wanted  to send  me some  information.   when   somebody  saids    that  they  can   help  you  with  your  genealogy.  and they   don’t   you  can  do  it  on   your own  just fine  i  have   done  my  over  the  last 11  or  12   years  now   and i’m  doing just fine   if you  need   help   just  go  the library and  online sites


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Famously dead lineages -Holy Cow!

Hi   all,

and good day!  for awhile now  I’ve  been talking  to you  about    what  you need  to  do   in order  to set out  on your  little journey into  the fascinating   world  of  Genealogy. by  all  accounts   it can be   fun  and  bit frustrating  at   times,  the  main thing is  to  have  fun  and  keep  it  simple.  today’s  blog  installment is  about   what  i  had discovered  in my  own  family lineages   all   that  i can  say  is holy  cow!  I’m  proud   to  say that  i  come  from a  long line of  famous   People  which i  wasn’t  aware  of.  if  my grandmother knew  that she  was  a  descendant  to  her    favorite  singer she would flip   here  is  a   list    of  my  famous   kin folk  on my   mothers  mother side  we  have

Martian  Van  Buren  President  one  of my  great  grandfather’s    ( surname Campbell)sons or daughters  married   one of  his daughters  or  sons

relation  to  Boston’s   Governor  B;ob  Massie

Robert   the  Bruce  king of Scotland

monacan  tribe

Johnny Cash   (i  forget  how i  am  related to  him)

Archie  Campbell   from  the  show Hee-haw. to  named  a few

on my  father’s  side   the  Adkins side we  have the   following

the   Hatfield’s  and the  McCoy’s  the famous   feuding  families

and   the  great  Shawnee  Chief  Cornstalk    and to  his   daughter  Blue sky  most   people  will   say   no you’re    not   your  DNA   don’t  match  their blood  halo groups will  post more on the   linages





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The inter workings of Family marriages in Genealogy…….

if  someone  had   told   me  about  researching   for  my   family history   I would probably  had said  I  would probably be   little   insane   doing so, but  then I  have came a long way   since  1997  I taught myself  how   to   do  a crossed referenced  everything that I could get my  hands  on   and  making copies  on   what I find.   that is  birth records and death  records  and some  marriage  licenses   or   marriage  of  the  strangest    thing to  me  about genealogy  is  the acceptance   of  family members  married  their  relatives  during  the  early days  of America.   from  what i was   told about my family  they  take  care  of there  own  or  help  raised  kids and so forth  on the  other  hand  if  you  got  a small   family    you  married with in  the family.   in  my case,  i have   so many  ancestors  that   had 13   to 16   kids.  which is  a lot   to type  into the    Family  tree  maker   program  like i  said    it wasn’t    for  our ancestors we  would  not be here.  during  my search   i found    that  my 3rd great   grandpa  had  married   his 1st cousin     can   we  say  eww    another   ancestor   married at  least   three times.

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Ancestors, the one’s that are hard to trace back and brick walls

Many   of  us  who had   chosen  this  journey into  our ancestry   are  very  much dedicated  and fearless , they don’t leave  no  stone unturned.  as for me  i  don’t  considered  myself  as   fearless,  but i am  dedicated  to finding my  ancestors  and  uncovered  things   about their  lives  and families , where  they come  from  and   how did   they   made  a  living, if  you   are  like  me , get easy  discouraged when    you don’t  find what  are  you  searching for ,you  seemed  to not  getting past  the  provable   genealogical   brick wall.   as  i said  before  in several  of my posts  some  ancestors can  be  traced  back.While  others  are   complicated and seemed  to  be invisible  and   you know   darn well   they did existed  you   would   hear stories and  other information    from  other   family  members  when  they   were growing up   the more   i   researched     the harder  it becomes,  the  reason being   as  i  stated before some  places   didn’t  keep   records  here   until   the state and  their  county’s took   over  the  process   of  documenting   each  birth   and death   our   records   here    go  far  as  1908.and   some deaths and  births   records   were   destroy   by  fire or the   great flood   of 1913.brick  walls,  are  tough  believe  me   they  can  frustrate  you to no end. for   example:  if   you  have   a  death  record or a  birth  record or marriage  license   there’s   alot  of information  there    like their  job  birthplaces   and parents   ect. once   you  read  it  you  find yourself   saying    ok,  cool  then   whatever the reason    you   find   out    the parents  names   were  incorrect   this could  mean   that    they change their  first  name and their surname  once  they    immigrated   t0  the US  seeking freedom  as  i stated   keep  journals   and notebooks  for information  on      each   family lineages   this  way    you wont be  completely and  hopelessly   lost go online   to   Ancestry .com  to   see  if there’s anybody  has the same  lineages  as you do   write   everything  this will   help  with the cross  referencing for  documentation. and  sometimes  the  3  or 4  marriages   can be tricky  don’t   give  up

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genealogy, the difficult lineages and crossed referencing documents

one  of  the  most  frustrating   thing ‘s  that   ever   come   across   is  having   a  few  ancestor’s  that aren’t traceable, of course   this doesn’t  mean that  they didn’t   exist .  i  often   forget   that  my  ancestors  couldn’t  read  or write  or  speak   English. in   the beginning  of  my  search  for  my family   history I’ve   had been told that  some records   were  not always documented  or some records   were   destroy  by either  a  fire  or  a   flood  or perhaps  by  war,   you might   want to looked into   the delayed  births for  documentation this   means  that  people  gave a oral account of   the births and  the account was   publish  look into  the family     history’s at  your  local library  in  their genealogy  department.or  go  to   the county  achieves   in your state. what  i  like  to do is do a crossed  referencing  check to see  if my  material or  paternal grandfathers    had a male ancestor  who  has been  married more then once  sometimes  it pays  off  other    times  its  the  moment  when  you   say   now, wait  a  minute    this can’t be  right  can’t  it?,   as  to who  is  your  great   great  great grandmother, as   i said  copy   everything. write  it down  scan it   this will  help   you in  the long run, if you  get confused    go online   to Ancestry   or some  other  genealogy   site,  if     you  don’t   like to search    for   your   family tree    hire   a professional   genealogist.  remember they get  paid   anywhere  from 500.00  to 1000.00   per  hour, they  looked up  anything that you want .

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A Long Journey Home

It’s   been   awhile,   Since  my  last  post into  the  Lineages  of my family.  and  what  i  did find  on  several   Ancestors.some were fascinating some were  right   down confusing  to say in the  seems  that some of my Ancestors  were   Farmers  blacksmith  and a saloonist     and a professor  of course,    i  spent  most of my  time researching for  my German  and  Irish  roots  on my  grandfathers   side  we  all knew   that we   were  descendants of German  immigrants. ,what  my   information tells   me   is that   they   settle in ohio   long   before   war world  1 and 2   even started  in  Genealogy    you may   never  know what  you can   find   i  call   this     the good the bad   and  the ugly   the  good  part  having a thrill  of getting  somewhere   the bad  part  is   knowing  if your  ancestor  took  part   in a  crime   ect      the  ugly  part   can mean  one  or two  things   you hit   a  brick  wall  or  you  found  out   that  your ancestor has  been  married to their   1st  cousin   can we  say ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww !.  or  finding  that  your ancestor’s   maiden name  is also    their married  name. it’s so   confusing   and annoying,  i  would   say   to myself  Aw;   Come    On!  But  deeper   you  go    the    chances   are     you will   find  something   it doesn’t   go  as   planned  keep   at  it.  although   i should warned   you if   you  used Ancestry   or any  other websites    the  information   isnt   always  right    if  you  got documentation   ie birth  death   any   other  record s    scan  it   write   it all   down      what    i  do is   cross  referenced   with a  marriage license or a death record and     i that  i  make  some  data   cds     get  folders  journal  book   works well.  as   i was   saying   i had been   focusing  and   researching  my grandfathers   family line it’s  been  quite a challenge  and  i   have  made  some  progress    i  ended   up  finding  my   2nd great  grandpa  john’s   parents  and wouldn’t  you know   it  there’s   nothing  on   them   except  for the names  i’m  happy    now   i got to  find   my    great grandpa  Patrick   grogan     no body   told  me  there  like  1oo Patrick   grogans   Yikes!  well    this   is a wrap!

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My Adkins linages

my   lineages  start  with  me    Sandy Lynn lovejoy     followed  by  my  parents   Lowell “buddy”  lovejoy  then  my mother   Barbara.  and my  2  sister’s   Cindy  Lee   and Ginger  K.Lovejoy.    next  is  my  parents  parents .My  mothers parents   were  Daniel  Schultz    and Helen May  Campbell.  on   my  fathers  side  we  have  Grace   Adkins   and Lloyd   Lovejoy.  note:  my mother  Barbara  got   remarried   to  Paul   Hubert  Mick    in  January 22,1972  ANCESTRY

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