A Family Undertaking

When  I  started  my  search  for my family roots  and  heritage  in   nineteen ninety seven  after my beloved   grandfather  Daniel  passed away   from    throat  cancer   I found myself   looking   through   countless  of sites  that   pertain to Ancestry.   and    what would  it  take  to  search  on  my  own without any help  from my family,  or a  high price genealogist.  whenever I  asked a question or two on   the basics   about    my parents families more often  enough I   would  get  is  “I  don’t know” or I   can’t remember”   I have   to  say its really  frustrating.but  it wasn’t  long enough  before I  hit  my  stride   in finding   all of my grandmother’s  family  online,  the neat thing  about doing a family tree  is  finding out your roots can  lead   you to several  ancestors who   took part in  the American civil war or leading you to   a  Indian  tribe  such as the Cherokee or Monacan  tribes. better yet  have ties   to someone famous  and   right  down   to a  possible royal line or  be     related to  a  president  of united  states, these things   have  me   saying  “wow”! or  that’s incredible I  had spent  more hours on my computer then everyone that I  know ,   sometimes  I wished  I   had the  money   to hire   a  genealogist   and do this right, the more I thought about this, I thought why  would i?  it wouldn’t  be   fun as  it is  right now.. searching  for  documents and such.  and  ending up meeting up  with   other  descendants  from the same linage from the  net,  in the  coming day’s I will  chronicle my journey  in to  the fascinating world  of   genealogy. give  you a  better  ideal of  what I’m searching for if   you have  some suggestions on how I  can   make my tree  alittle bit better I’m all ears ..  so   for now    this is   Sandy Lynn   signing off …..  have a pleasant  day 

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