A Long Journey Home

It’s   been   awhile,   Since  my  last  post into  the  Lineages  of my family.  and  what  i  did find  on  several   Ancestors.some were fascinating some were  right   down confusing  to say in the least.it  seems  that some of my Ancestors  were   Farmers  blacksmith  and a saloonist     and a professor  of course,    i  spent  most of my  time researching for  my German  and  Irish  roots  on my  grandfathers   side  we  all knew   that we   were  descendants of German  immigrants. ,what  my   information tells   me   is that   they   settle in ohio   long   before   war world  1 and 2   even started  in  Genealogy    you may   never  know what  you can   find   i  call   this     the good the bad   and  the ugly   the  good  part  having a thrill  of getting  somewhere   the bad  part  is   knowing  if your  ancestor  took  part   in a  crime   ect      the  ugly  part   can mean  one  or two  things   you hit   a  brick  wall  or  you  found  out   that  your ancestor has  been  married to their   1st  cousin   can we  say ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww !.  or  finding  that  your ancestor’s   maiden name  is also    their married  name. it’s so   confusing   and annoying,  i  would   say   to myself  Aw;   Come    On!  But  deeper   you  go    the    chances   are     you will   find  something   it doesn’t   go  as   planned  keep   at  it.  although   i should warned   you if   you  used Ancestry   or any  other websites    the  information   isnt   always  right    if  you  got documentation   ie birth  death   any   other  record s    scan  it   write   it all   down      what    i  do is   cross  referenced   with a  marriage license or a death record and     i that  i  make  some  data   cds     get  folders  journal  book   works well.  as   i was   saying   i had been   focusing  and   researching  my grandfathers   family line it’s  been  quite a challenge  and  i   have  made  some  progress    i  ended   up  finding  my   2nd great  grandpa  john’s   parents  and wouldn’t  you know   it  there’s   nothing  on   them   except  for the names  i’m  happy    now   i got to  find   my    great grandpa  Patrick   grogan     no body   told  me  there  like  1oo Patrick   grogans   Yikes!  well    this   is a wrap!

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