genealogy, the difficult lineages and crossed referencing documents

one  of  the  most  frustrating   thing ‘s  that   ever   come   across   is  having   a  few  ancestor’s  that aren’t traceable, of course   this doesn’t  mean that  they didn’t   exist .  i  often   forget   that  my  ancestors  couldn’t  read  or write  or  speak   English. in   the beginning  of  my  search  for  my family   history I’ve   had been told that  some records   were  not always documented  or some records   were   destroy  by either  a  fire  or  a   flood  or perhaps  by  war,   you might   want to looked into   the delayed  births for  documentation this   means  that  people  gave a oral account of   the births and  the account was   publish  look into  the family     history’s at  your  local library  in  their genealogy  department.or  go  to   the county  achieves   in your state. what  i  like  to do is do a crossed  referencing  check to see  if my  material or  paternal grandfathers    had a male ancestor  who  has been  married more then once  sometimes  it pays  off  other    times  its  the  moment  when  you   say   now, wait  a  minute    this can’t be  right  can’t  it?,   as  to who  is  your  great   great  great grandmother, as   i said  copy   everything. write  it down  scan it   this will  help   you in  the long run, if you  get confused    go online   to Ancestry   or some  other  genealogy   site,  if     you  don’t   like to search    for   your   family tree    hire   a professional   genealogist.  remember they get  paid   anywhere  from 500.00  to 1000.00   per  hour, they  looked up  anything that you want .

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