Ancestors, the one’s that are hard to trace back and brick walls

Many   of  us  who had   chosen  this  journey into  our ancestry   are  very  much dedicated  and fearless , they don’t leave  no  stone unturned.  as for me  i  don’t  considered  myself  as   fearless,  but i am  dedicated  to finding my  ancestors  and  uncovered  things   about their  lives  and families , where  they come  from  and   how did   they   made  a  living, if  you   are  like  me , get easy  discouraged when    you don’t  find what  are  you  searching for ,you  seemed  to not  getting past  the  provable   genealogical   brick wall.   as  i said  before  in several  of my posts  some  ancestors can  be  traced  back.While  others  are   complicated and seemed  to  be invisible  and   you know   darn well   they did existed  you   would   hear stories and  other information    from  other   family  members  when  they   were growing up   the more   i   researched     the harder  it becomes,  the  reason being   as  i  stated before some  places   didn’t  keep   records  here   until   the state and  their  county’s took   over  the  process   of  documenting   each  birth   and death   our   records   here    go  far  as  1908.and   some deaths and  births   records   were   destroy   by  fire or the   great flood   of 1913.brick  walls,  are  tough  believe  me   they  can  frustrate  you to no end. for   example:  if   you  have   a  death  record or a  birth  record or marriage  license   there’s   alot  of information  there    like their  job  birthplaces   and parents   ect. once   you  read  it  you  find yourself   saying    ok,  cool  then   whatever the reason    you   find   out    the parents  names   were  incorrect   this could  mean   that    they change their  first  name and their surname  once  they    immigrated   t0  the US  seeking freedom  as  i stated   keep  journals   and notebooks  for information  on      each   family lineages   this  way    you wont be  completely and  hopelessly   lost go online   to   Ancestry .com  to   see  if there’s anybody  has the same  lineages  as you do   write   everything  this will   help  with the cross  referencing for  documentation. and  sometimes  the  3  or 4  marriages   can be tricky  don’t   give  up

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