The inter workings of Family marriages in Genealogy…….

if  someone  had   told   me  about  researching   for  my   family history   I would probably  had said  I  would probably be   little   insane   doing so, but  then I  have came a long way   since  1997  I taught myself  how   to   do  a crossed referenced  everything that I could get my  hands  on   and  making copies  on   what I find.   that is  birth records and death  records  and some  marriage  licenses   or   marriage  of  the  strangest    thing to  me  about genealogy  is  the acceptance   of  family members  married  their  relatives  during  the  early days  of America.   from  what i was   told about my family  they  take  care  of there  own  or  help  raised  kids and so forth  on the  other  hand  if  you  got  a small   family    you  married with in  the family.   in  my case,  i have   so many  ancestors  that   had 13   to 16   kids.  which is  a lot   to type  into the    Family  tree  maker   program  like i  said    it wasn’t    for  our ancestors we  would  not be here.  during  my search   i found    that  my 3rd great   grandpa  had  married   his 1st cousin     can   we  say  eww    another   ancestor   married at  least   three times.

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