Famously dead lineages -Holy Cow!

Hi   all,

and good day!  for awhile now  I’ve  been talking  to you  about    what  you need  to  do   in order  to set out  on your  little journey into  the fascinating   world  of  Genealogy. by  all  accounts   it can be   fun  and  bit frustrating  at   times,  the  main thing is  to  have  fun  and  keep  it  simple.  today’s  blog  installment is  about   what  i  had discovered  in my  own  family lineages   all   that  i can  say  is holy  cow!  I’m  proud   to  say that  i  come  from a  long line of  famous   People  which i  wasn’t  aware  of.  if  my grandmother knew  that she  was  a  descendant  to  her    favorite  singer she would flip   here  is  a   list    of  my  famous   kin folk  on my   mothers  mother side  we  have

Martian  Van  Buren  President  one  of my  great  grandfather’s    ( surname Campbell)sons or daughters  married   one of  his daughters  or  sons

relation  to  Boston’s   Governor  B;ob  Massie

Robert   the  Bruce  king of Scotland

monacan  tribe

Johnny Cash   (i  forget  how i  am  related to  him)

Archie  Campbell   from  the  show Hee-haw. to  named  a few

on my  father’s  side   the  Adkins side we  have the   following

the   Hatfield’s  and the  McCoy’s  the famous   feuding  families

and   the  great  Shawnee  Chief  Cornstalk    and to  his   daughter  Blue sky  most   people  will   say   no you’re    not   your  DNA   don’t  match  their blood  halo groups will  post more on the   linages





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