Today’s Topic is royal Lines….

Since  i   had started   blogging about  my  hits and  misses   in    my  journey  into  my  family as  it  can be  a  challenge  one  of my  main  goals    was to   find  some  kind of  way   to prove a   so call royal   line  in my Adkins  lineages  linking    to  my  5x  great  grandmother  Mary  Adkins, it’s  been  said that  she was  a descendant  to  Mary  Stewart  famously  known  as Mary Queen  of   Scots.   and  i  have gone  through  everything  i  have  documented  on my  father’s  side   linking his parents  to   many  of   well  known   families  in west  Virginia. but  none   so far  has  a royal line  yet   but there are some   kin folk  came from  England  too,  tracing  my mother’s   side  has  proven  to  be quite  interesting  trip  to say in the  least   to  me  what i  uncover in last   few short  weeks  here  was  like   the holy grail of   genealogy   history  it   seems    that my   maternal  grandmother’s  line can  be traced  back  to  the royal line of  the Stewart’s   and the Tudor’s   and one  famous King , Henry  the  8th  now  i  know  in  genealogy  nothing  is certain  several   other  Campbell   descendant’s had help me  in the  past  are now   acting  like  i not   qualified   to  shared   their information  with   and said   what  i    uncover is  not corrected.  before  i  discovered  my  royal line i   uncover   what i   believed   was   information   on john  whitehead  one  of my many   x  great grand father’s   i   spend at  least   2 or 3  hours  finding  it    i    didn’t   get a  thank   you or      good   job  or this  information  may be  useful   instead  i  got  was  what are  your  interest  in this    ancestor  and   what your intentions,   to  me  it was rather  rude   and   judgemental.  i  feel  like  this  ,this  IS my  grandmother’s  family   which  i  am    their  great   granddaughter  or a  great great  niece   or so  forth    why   shouldn’t  i    asked  question s ?   so what   you  had  been   a  genealogist  for x  amount  of years  it doesn’t   give   you the  right   to be rude. i   thought  i   was helping the group  out.      and i guess    they  think  their  information  is correct   not  one   had asked  for my address  if they   wanted  to send  me some  information.   when   somebody  saids    that  they  can   help  you  with  your  genealogy.  and they   don’t   you  can  do  it  on   your own  just fine  i  have   done  my  over  the  last 11  or  12   years  now   and i’m  doing just fine   if you  need   help   just  go  the library and  online sites


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